8 Months Without You 💔

I don’t understand how 8 months have passed. My head and heart are in complete DISBELIEF still. I miss you so much Grace. How much I ache for you and miss you can’t be described in words. I miss your smile, your amazing and loud laugh, our conversations, your amazing hugs and snuggles, your kisses, the way you loved so deeply and passionately, your hand. I would do anything to hold your hand again. I am grateful, blessed and thankful for the joy you brought to my life and the amazing memories I have of our life together. Your Daddy, MacKenzie and Ryder miss you so much. I still get up everyday with a glimmer of Hope. My head knows what happened but at the same time I just can’t grasp it. We walk by your bedroom each night with such pain in our hearts and with such good memories of lying with you, reading to you, tucking you in, kissing you, tickling you and holding you. I had so many hopes and dreams for you sweetheart. I also thought we would be together this year going to rehab together, taking you to school, staying hope from school to rest and play and bake. I thought we would just have some time together after a busy year fighting. You inspired so many people and I PROMISE we will keep your memory alive , helping others as I know you want us to. 


One thought on “8 Months Without You 💔

  1. Your little girl Grace has an absolutely precious face. How does one so young, and who is loved by people who would lay down their own lives for her, die? My head moves back and forth. No. Living in a world that now appears cold and foreign for the rest of your/my life seems impossible. Am I putting words in your mouth? On Jan 4 it will be 16 years since I lost my own boy. Sweet little face. Kind child’s heart. Soft hands holding my face for a kiss. My dear kindred spirit and blogger: breath by breath, is how you get through a minute, an hour, a day, a year. No easy way. I’m just so terribly sorry and sad for the loss of your adorable little girl.


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